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Harrows Flexible & Rotary

The versatile Rem Delta TM Flexible Harrow is the most useful and effective one-pass tool on the market. Variable tyne positions (heavy, medium, light and dual), allows for a single type of tool to fit each property need.

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Flexible two way design
1/2″ Double Tyne; stronger, heavier and more durable
Sections available in 4′, 6′ and 10′ widths (8′ 3″ long)
Offset tynes eliminate ridges
120 points per 4′ width
Weighs 136 lbs per 4′ section
100% cold formed components eliminate tyne breakage
Requires 2hp per foot of width
Built to last from high quality steel
No parts to oil or adjust

Leading the industry at 5-inches of workable tyne length, the Delta TM flexible harrow is the most effective, inexpensive tool available for:

Residue Management

Heavy residue is quickly surfaced without clogging or bunching even in the most extreme no-till or ridge-till applications.

Hay or Pasture Land Management

Studies prove that mechanically stimulating forage land is the most cost-effective method to drastically improve the hardiness and productivity of the hay or pasture for several reasons.

First of all, scratching the surface covers open seed, thereby assisting germination and the establishment of new plants. Stimulating and spreading the dead thatch helps it to decompose more quickly and evenly to provide important nutrients to the entire area.

Solid or liquid manure makes the surrounding grass unpalatable for livestock. Treatment with a Delta Flexible Harrow maximises the fertiliser benefits of droppings by encouraging decomposition, spreading nutrients, incorporating moisture, uncovering growth and aerating soil. In addition, rodent mounds are effectively levelled.

Soil Preparation

In combination with field cultivators, the Delta Flexible Harrow prepares a firm, level seedbed or follows to pack and cover. Used alone, it breaks up crust, ridges or stalks for minimum or no-till operations.

Chemical/Moisture Incorporation

The various sizes of the Delta Flexible Harrow make it ideal for mounting behind your disc, field cultivator or applicator for one-pass applications. Low, wet areas dry more quickly when aerated by the Delta Flexible Harrow.

Surface Smoothing

Arenas or playing fields become smooth and loosely packed, a safe surface for activities. Set the tynes to fill holes and level or to loosen soil and aid drying. Gravel roads or dirt paths are quickly maintained, dried and raked.

Turf Maintenance

Unmanaged turf becomes heavily thatched, preventing healthy new growth from reaching its full potential. The Delta Flexible Harrow stimulates growth by surfacing the dead material, helping to aerate the soil and strengthening the grasses.


Turnlock Drawbar

For lawns, pastures, driveways, areanas and sports fields. From 4′ to 14′ widths, the drawbar is the most economical choice. The Delta turnlock drawbars are a heavy duty steel contstruction, ideal for extreme tillage conditions.

3 Point Hitch Attachments

For Golf Course and Farm Applications these handy attachments are available in widths from 4′ to 14′. They feature steel lift banks, chrome plated chain segments, and all necessary hardware.

Note: Shipped unassembled


For seedbed preparation, incorporation and pasture renovation, Delta Harrow Carts are built to last. They are available in sizes from 20′ to 42′ and are shipped complete with hydraulic cylinder and tires (hose kits and assembly optional). Each cart features a heavy-duty cast hitch and an optional clevis style. Unique features include our adjustable “floating pull bars”, to allow for superior ground-hugging