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Swingaway Augers

The AGI Wheatheart X Series range of Swing Away augers are tough, dependable, and reliable. For the last 46 years Wheatheart have been manufacturing augers with resilience and longevity in mind. Wheatheart is committed to providing farmers with augers they can trust. Wheatheart’s X Series are available in 10″, 13″ and 16″ tube diameters and in lengths from 63′ to 125′. 

Steel Trussing

Trussing acts like the backbone of the auger and keeps the tube and flighting aligned. 

Steel trussing is on all 130 and 160 models.

AGI Swing Away Grain Auger

Dual Flight Hopper

The low profile hopper features left and right hand flighting to pull grain toward the center of the hopper so it flows efficiently – maximizing capacity . 

AGI Swing Away Grain Auger

Scissor Lift

Scissor lift frame with cross members to maximize reach and reduce swaying.  
The X100 and X130 models come with scissor lift frames. The X130 114 foot and X160 models use A frames.

Size Matters

Capable of 10 tonnes per minute the X160 is s the biggest and best auger available today. Idealy suited to large farming and commercial operations. 
Available in 105 and 125 foot lengths.

Wear Edge Flighting

All AGI Wheatheart Augers have Continuous 10-gauge steel welded to the flighting edge at critical wear points to extend the life of the flighting.

Optional Extras

Hydraulic Power Swing

1000 RPM Speed Gearbox

Hydraulic Hopper Lift Kit.


X100 – 63′ 73′ 83′ 

X130 – 74′ 84′ 94′ 114′

X160 – 85′ 105′ 125′