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Kwik Kleen Testimonial

– Mark Rodda, CEO, FREE Eyre and EP Storage

EP Storage is an Eyre Peninsula farmer owned grain storage and handling business. We receive and handle up to 100,000 tons of wheat and barley per annum. EP Storage purchased a Kwik Kleen in 2011 in an effort to upgrade grower’s grain from lower valued feed categories. We were admittedly sceptical that a machine with that price tag could perform at the quality and volume parameters suggested by its promoters. However, our numbers suggested that even if we were to receive half of the ‘advertised’ performance, it would be a wise investment and were thus prepared to give it a go. To our sheer delight, the unit has performed almost exactly as predicted. Once our team ‘got a feel’ for the capabilities of the machine, we simply haven’t looked back. The team are consistently removing significant volumes of heliotrope seed from wheat at around 40 ton per hour – 500 ton per day…. quite amazing when we consider the capacity and return on capital of conventional grain cleaning machines on the market. One must really see this machine working to believe it – and when you do the numbers, it is a pretty impressive investment.

Grain Rings Testimonial

– Gregor Wilkins. Yaninee, Eyre Peninsula

We purchased a Grain Ring from C&C Agricultural last harvest to store our excess oats in. With all our steel vertical silos full we decided we had to store them somehow. Bags did not appeal to us as we wanted to store them for up to 2 years, vertical storage was cost prohibitive as we don’t always have huge production years on central Eyre Peninsula. We chose the grain ring for a number of reasons. It was relatively quick to erect, about 3 hours from start to finish. The instruction manual was excellent and all the hardware was accounted for, unusual these days. The ground sheet was layed out inside the ring and held in position easily. It was then simply filled with a 42 ft auger. We purchased a Grain Air Tube as well but didn’t use it as dryacide was applied to the oats at filling. The tarp was then pulled over the top, 2 people simply walked up the peak and unrolled it. The tightening straps were adjusted and that completed the process. We estimate 120 tonne of oats are in the ring. Ground preparation was not a big issue, just a relatively flat area is all that is needed. The added bonus is that if you want more storage another ring can be bolted on top of the existing one. The entire ring and tarps etc all fitted in an 8×5 trailer, and when you have emptied the ring you can unbolt it and stack it in the shed. I would not hesitate to buy another one if a big year comes along.

Grain Vac Testimonial

– Graham DUNCAN, Cell Clearance Team Leader, VITERRA LTD

In late February 2010 Viterra Ltd Northern Area Business Centre located at Balaklava SOUTH AUSTRALIA took possession of a New REM 3700 Grain Vac. I was appointed to the position of Cell Clearance Team Leader with my duties being to operate and maintain the REM 3700 machine. Since the arrival of the machine up to present day the machine has completed 100 hours of grain vacuuming at various sites in the Mid North of South Australia, with over 3000 tonnes of grain already moved with the machine. During this time there has been numerous different staff operating the vacuum nozzles and as time progresses becoming more efficient. As an operator of the older Rem 2100D machine, the new Rem 3700 Grain Vac has marked performance increase and ease of use and less noise compared to the Rem 2100D. The Rem 3700 Grain Vac is very easy to put into operation with little time required for set up. The remote control to operate the unit is “fantastic” and has all the required functions, including emergency stop. The remote control enables me to move around but still have total control of the machine operation. The remote control also enables me to check on the clearance team operating inside the grain storage and keep up the supply of pipes and stop and start the suction on there request, when changing/adding pipe. The remote control also enables one person to be the truck driver/loader and Rem3700 operator when moving the grain. It enables precise loading of the vehicle and stop and start the grain flow with the touch of a button and in so doing, minimize grain loss and spillage. This can be a real problem with the Rem 2100D as an operator is required to be with the machine and a driver is required for the transport truck. With the Rem 3700 it eliminates one person from the process.Having used the machine for some time now we have since purchased the Ball Joint coupling and this has given me extreme flexibility and better use of the vacuum pipes when going into hard to get to rem ports on silos. I have also added extra vacuum pipe onto the machine (All 7”, 4 straight and one flexible) and are carrying them inside the 8” pipes on the Pipe rack on the machine. The extra pipe is required at some of our sites because of limited access for the Rem unit and Truck so grain can only be vacuumed from one side of the silo and so requiring extra lengths to complete the task. When it comes to maintenance of the machine there is minimal required with only daily greasing and engine checks making very easy to maintain. The machine is excellent and does all that it is expected. I feel that this machine is an extremely useful piece of equipment, and should give us many years of service.