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Crop Circle Grain Rings

Behlen Crop Circle® Grain Storage Rings the low cost alternative that can provide a temporary solution to your volume crisis.

Easy to set up, take down and re-use
Compactible… minimal space requried to store when not in use
Add a tarp to the system for protection from wind, rain, and wildlife
No special equipment needed to fill (auger or Harvester or chaser bin)
Standard capacities from 2,300 to 120,000 bushels (200 to 2000 tonnes)
Wall heights in 2′ (.6 metre) increments up to 4′ (1.2 metres) maximum.
Diameters from 29′ (8.8 metres) to 105′ (32 metres)
Optional auger ports (special order only)
Optional Ground sheet prevent contamination

Corrugated galvanised panels are rolled and crimped on a line. This deep corrugation in 22 gauge material will provide a strong, reusable system for temporary grain storage.
The Crop Circle package comes complete with tarp hooks and hardware which can be installed on the first available seam line down from the top at intermittent intervals to fasten tarp and rope to the ring.
Using an eyebolt installed periodically around the diameter in the ground level seam line, a 1/2” diameter anchor pin is driven into place. This system is intended to simply provide temporary security against wind when the ring is empty and untarped.
The supplied industrial gasket can simply be installed on the top edge of your ring for the entire diameter protecting your tarp from the sharp edges of the steel panels.

Ring Sizes and Tonnages
3′ (0.9m) High

40′ 185t

51′ 340t

62′ 560t

70′ 750t

77′ 975t

92′ 1545t

106′ 2300t

Capacity based on Wheat

  • Crop Circle® is a registered trademark of Behlen Industries LP